Good news! TQCC aluminum electrolysis design group won the honorary title of "Zhuzhou City workers Pioneer"

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May 20,2024

On the morning of April 26, Zhuzhou labor Unions to celebrate the International Labor Day conference was held in Zhuzhou workers' Cultural Palace, to commend Zhuzhou City workers pioneer, May Day Labor medal advanced collective and individual. TQCC technology Department aluminum electrolysis design group won the Zhuzhou City "worker pioneer" honorary title.


All TQCC people should take the advanced as an example, vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, craftsman spirit, actively participate in the annual key production and operation tasks, advanced in the standard, full of energy, hard work, forge ahead, and strive to vigorously cultivate manufacturing famous enterprises and accelerate the construction of happy TQCC!

Photo and text | Feng Wei and Tan Zhongyu




win-win the future | Two foreign business and technical teams visited TQCC

With the in-depth implementation of the company's internationalization strategy, the company has received more attention from overseas merchants, and the international recognition of its products has been significantly improved. Recently, the international market development has made new progress again, South Africa, Canada foreign teams visited the company to carry out field research.

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