“The most important thing is safety” at the 2024 Chinese New Year Reunion

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Mar 07,2024

On February 18, the first day after the Spring Festival, the company held the 2024 New Year party. Long Jiuwen, chairman of the board, Zheng Zhengguo, general manager and other members of the leadership team attended the meeting, and middle-level cadres of various departments, subsidiaries and units attended the meeting.


At the meeting, the company's leading cadres gathered together and were jubilant. The members of the company's leading team have sent sincere Spring Festival wishes to the cadres and their departments and workshop staff, and placed expectations on the development of the company in 2024, encouraging all staff to firmly develop confidence and full entrepreneurial energy, and also hope that everyone will return to work as soon as possible, and strive continuously in 2024 to ensure the realization of 2024 business goals.



At the meeting, the head of safety work carried out the" safety first lesson "main content interpretation and propaganda, and the relevant laws and regulations of enterprise safety production, and organized the participants to watch the< Life is more important than Taishan mountain> publicity and education film, Warning everyone to always put safety in the first place, perform their duties, alarm bells ringing.




TQCC was awarded as a national service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the fifth batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration list, TQCC was successfully selected as one of the list of 110 enterprises in the country, , as well as the first batch of Hunan provincial service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises (platform). This is TQCC once again shortlisted the national honor, after winning the "National enterprise Technology center", "national technology innovation demonstration enterprise" and "national individual champion products".

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