Champion! TQCC participated in the state-owned assets system 2024 Spring Festival corporate executives badminton match

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Jan 28,2024

On January 28, Zhuzhou city's state-owned assets system 2024 Spring Festival executive badminton Match was held in the city's Water Group Four water plant workers' home activity center, which attracted 17 executives from 9 enterprises of the state-owned assets system and more than 30 athletes. Huang Yuanzheng,  vice chairman and chairman of the trade union, Zheng Zhengguo, general manager and chief engineer, Liu Chunlei, chairman of the Board of Supervisors participated in the competition.

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The tournament will be played in doubles with an executive partnering with a member of the Badminton Association. At the match, the players, in line with the principle of "friendship first, competition second", fiercely fought with club friends, and brought a wonderful exciting badminton feast for the audience.

Splendid moment


     Before the game, TQCC executives actively prepare for the game, use their spare time to seize training, constantly improve the technical level, and maintain a good competitive state. On the field, they cooperated with their partners, skillfully used techniques and tactics, demonstrated the spirit of hard work and never say die.

▲prize presentation 


The event ended successfully, TQCC got full of honor. The team won the championship, the Forth and the eighth good results.




win-win the future | Two foreign business and technical teams visited TQCC

With the in-depth implementation of the company's internationalization strategy, the company has received more attention from overseas merchants, and the international recognition of its products has been significantly improved. Recently, the international market development has made new progress again, South Africa, Canada foreign teams visited the company to carry out field research.

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