5G+ Unmanned Crane to Build a Smart Plant

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Sep 12,2019

On September 12, the Signing Ceremony of the 5G Smart Plant jointly built by Xiangtan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. of Hunan Valin, Hunan Mobile and Huawei was held in Xiangtan. Leaders including Zhang Yingchun, Mayor of Xiangtan City, Li Jianyu, General Manager of Valin Xiangtan Iron & Steel, Li Wei, Vice President of Huawei China and Qiu Wenhui, General Manager of Hunan Mobile witnessed this historic moment. Zheng Zhengguo, Chief Engineer and Vice General Manager of the company, and Zheng Yi, General Manager of Tianqiao Jiacheng attended the meeting on behalf of the company.
The remote centralized control system of crane developed by the company and Tianqiao Jiacheng and the demonstration project of scrap steel lifting intelligent crane of five-meter-wide thick plate plant are shown on site. The project is composed of three parts: "Control Terminal + 5G Network + Crane". The operator can control the scrap steel cross crane in the steel-making area in real time on the remote control chair to unload, lift and load the tank, cooperate with the maintenance and other operations. Through the construction of mobile 5G intelligent network engineering, crane remote unmanned system and production equipment data tool system, we will jointly build an intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory demonstration project. This is the first implementation of 5G technology in the national steel industry, and also the first example of 5G technology applied to the national steel industry.
The demonstration project has achieved the goal of "Let the equipment run independently, let the equipment speak, let the workers work with dignity" of Valin Xiangtan Iron & Steel equipment intellectualization. At the same time, the edge computing, intelligent engine and data processing capabilities of the company based on 5G era have been experienced and improved, laying a solid foundation for future participation, exploration of deep integration of 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies with industrial fields.


The operator is at the remote control console and controls the scrap steel overhead crane in the steel-making area of the five-meter-wide thick plate plant 2 kilometers away, through 5G technology




TQCC Attends Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition

The tide surges eastward, and friends come from afar. From May 12th to 15th, the third Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition was held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "High end, Intelligent, Green - New Generation Construction Equipment", with approximately 1500 Chinese and foreign enterprises participating. TQCC attended with intelligent and high-tech exhibits.——A Feast of Technology


TQCC achieved a breakthrough in the 10th badminton team competition of Hunan listed company

On October 20-21, 2023, the 10th "Hunan Development Cup" badminton team competition of Hunan Listed companies, sponsored by Hunan Listed Companies Association, was held in Changsha Yuxing Badminton Hall. The competition attracted 46 listed companies to participate.


The key research and development projects undertaken by TQCC passed the acceptance test with high scores

On August 30, Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Department organized experts to carry out on-site acceptance of the key research and development project of "intelligent aluminum electrolysis core equipment and system key technology research and industrialization" undertaken by TQCC and participated by Hunan University of Technology. Hunan Science and Technology Affairs director Qing Jianbo, Hunan University of Technology vice president Long Yonghong, TQCC chairman Long Jiuwen participated in the project acceptance.

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