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SCZQ-Series Heavy Medium Shallow Tank Separator

Main equipment of lump coal system in coal preparation plant.


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    Main equipment of lump coal system in coal preparation plant.


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    The structure of the equipment is simple. The floor area and workshop volume are small. The processing capacity is large, and the processing capacity per meter tank width is up to 100 t / h. The separation accuracy is relatively high, and the actual separation result is very close to the theoretical index. It can be ensured that the flow field in the separation tank is suitable for the optimal state of separation. It is suitable for the separation density of low ash clean coal in some special industrial sectors, which can effectively separate very pure gangue. The better the separation effect is, in the heavy medium coal preparation plant, it can cooperate with the hydrocyclone to carry out full particle washing. It has strong adaptability to the fluctuation of coal quality. The ash content of clean coal can be changed rapidly as required. The effective separation time is short, which can reduce the amount of secondary slime and the degree of gangue sliming. Key components have long service life, good wear resistance which are independent production with high cost performance.

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