TQCC Attends Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition

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Nov 24,2023

Release time: May 15th, 2023 15:31

The tide surges eastward, and friends come from afar. From May 12th to 15th, the third Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition was held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "High end, Intelligent, Green - New Generation Construction Equipment", with approximately 1500 Chinese and foreign enterprises participating. TQCC attended with intelligent and high-tech exhibits.——A Feast of Technology

Aluminum electrolysis PTM Pot Tending Machinery  (model)

PTM is the core product of TQCC, and is a specialized equipment used for large-scale pre-baked anode electrolysis cells in aluminum smelting. It won the national "single champion" product in 2022 and has now occupied a leading position in the domestic market and has significant influence worldwide.

Intelligent material handling crane remote takeover simulation platform

The intelligent material handling crane remote takeover simulation platform is jointly developed by TQCC and Hunan University. Based on the bridge crane technology framework and working conditions, with the help of on-site perception technology and remote takeover human-machine interaction technology, a human-centered remote material handling operation simulation platform is constructed.

McNamm Wheel Mobile Robot

The McNamm wheel mobile robot was developed by TQCC in collaboration with Central South University. It is based on the hardware of AGV and is equipped with an ROS system, achieving independent navigation and task execution without relying on magnetic strips, rails, or fixed markers, without changing the environment.

——A commercial event

Many new and old customers, suppliers, and industry enterprises are attracted to this exhibition. The sales managers of TQCC warmly received and introduced the company's situation and product information to visitors. The company's technical backbone answers technical questions to customers and wins opportunities for future cooperation.




win-win the future | Two foreign business and technical teams visited TQCC

With the in-depth implementation of the company's internationalization strategy, the company has received more attention from overseas merchants, and the international recognition of its products has been significantly improved. Recently, the international market development has made new progress again, South Africa, Canada foreign teams visited the company to carry out field research.

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