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About Us
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TQCC Cultural Symbol -- Picture Display and Connotation Description of Square Zun with Four Goats.

Square Zun with Four Goats is the wine vessel of ancient Hunan people and TQCC uses it to welcome guests.

Goats kneel on their knees because of their gratitude and can’t be shaken because of their strong horns, which is just like the aspiration of TQCC. The ancients said that "Harmonious pentatonic scale will make jade goat appear." The prosperity of the country, the glory of the nation, and the prosperity of TQCC are all auspicious.


Company Philosophy

TQCC Purpose

Serving the Harmonious Development of the Society and the National Economy

Contributing to the Stable Improvement of Customer and Enterprise Value 

Based on the Continuous Realization of the Interests of Employees and Shareholders







TQCC Vision

Advanced Manufacturing, Professional Model

Driven by re-innovation, it pays more attention to the innovation and development of its own technology, and gradually develops towards the direction of knowledge economy, so as to become a world-class large-scale complete set of special equipment supplier.







TQCC Spirit

Integrity, Dedication, Self-improvement, Excellence

Integrity -- the Soul of an Enterprise and the Source of Its Life

Dedication -- Cultivate the Manufacturing Industry and Take the Rejuvenation of the National Industry as Our Responsibility

Self-improvement -- Not Waiting, Independence, Unremitting Self-improvement

Excellence -- Cultivate First-class Talents, Build First-class Enterprises, Make First-class Products and Create First-class Benefits

TQCC Core Values

God helps those who help themselves.




Quality Policy

Customers First, Integrity & Dedication,

Standardized Management, Elaborate Operation,

Continuous Improvement, Innovation.


Core Competitiveness Planning

Build a Core Competitiveness System of Self-improvement, Excellence and Professional Value Creation


Business Philosophy

One Fundamental: People-oriented

Two Markets: Domestic Market, International Market

Three Creations: Creation of Knowledge-based Enterprise, Creation of Benefit-based Enterprise and Creation of Brand-based Enterprise

Innovation System: Joint Innovation, Integrated Innovation, Absorption and Re-innovation, Continuous Innovation

Quality Concept: Excellent Design, Careful Manufacturing, Attention to Details, Continuous Improvement

Service Concept: Only to meet the needs of customers can reflect our own value

Marketing Concept: Recommending companies is more important than recommending products, and the company's interests are more important than personal interests

Management Philosophy: Systematic Thinking, Focusing on Process, Resource Integration and Attention to Efficiency

Human Resource Concept

Talent Strategy: People-oriented, Recruiting Talents

Talent Concept: Everyone is a talent on the right post, so as to make the best of their talents.

Personnel Concept: Build A Platform for the Hard-working and Provide Opportunities for the Aspiring.

Human Resource Policy: Perfect Training, Development, Incentive and Guarantee Mechanism

An Open, Fair and Just Platform for the Selection and Employment

Efficiency First and Result Oriented Performance Management System






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