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VIM80 All Weather Vacuum Snow Maker





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    Mobile design, easy to make snow, suitable for indoor and outdoor ski resort to make snow.


    Product Features

    1.Designed for the second generation of small and medium-sized indoor and outdoor ski resorts, suitable for skiing, snow playing and other occasions;
    2.The real realization of high temperature snowmaking, not affected by the weather and humidity;
    3.Snowmaking capacity: 160m3 / day, several times of that of ordinary snowmaking machine;
    4.Operation time: 24 hours / day, sustainable operation;
    5.Snow particle diameter: 0.5~1.0 mm;
    6.The snow can be made by connecting water and electricity, and the water quality requirements are low, no softened water required.

    7. With professional VIM snow delivery system, it can transport snow to cover 150 meters distance.


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