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    Ship unloader is widely used in power, metallurgy, port and other industries, and exported to Southeast Asia. The company has successfully developed the first four-drum towing ship unloader test machine in China, which has been put into use in Shanghai Wujing Thermal Power Plant. At present, a series of products have been formed, the maximum productivity of ship unloader is 2100 t / h, with the design and manufacturing capacity of 2500-3500 t / h.

    Product Features:
    1.Lifting, opening and closing and trolley traction mechanism are integrated into one, which is called four drum mechanism; the weight of the whole machine is light and the wheel pressure is small;
    2.Underneath-type machine room has lower center of gravity, good stability and strong wind resistance, and the stability of the machine room is better than the upper- type machine room;
    3.DC or AC frequency conversion drive, semi-automatic control of starting and braking balance, with the calculation management function of fault self diagnosis;
    4.The whole machine has advanced safety protection measures against wind, overturn and collision.


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