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  • 产品描述
  • Product Introduction:

    The overhead stacking crane is composed of three parts, including crane, trolley and sling. The sling is installed on the trolley, which is a rigid telescopic guide rod with rotation function and the fork is installed at the lower end of the guide rod. The overhead stacking crane is similar to the upside-down forklift that runs above the workshop. Its main accessories are forks, which can be used for horizontal handling, stacking / picking, loading / unloading, selecting, etc. of materials. After changing other accessories, it can also be used for loading and unloading bulk goods, unpacked goods, etc. The overhead stacking crane has the comprehensive functions of loading and unloading, lifting and transportation, and has the advantages of high positioning accuracy, flexibility, and ground space saving.


    Technical Parameters:

    Lifting Capacity:2~50t


    Application Scenarios:

    Warehousing Logistics


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