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R&D Capability

R&D Capability

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Innovation Team and Platform
        The company has a product design R & D team with rich experience and well-versed in technology. There are more than 300 engineering and technical personnel at the headquarters, including 5 professor-level senior engineers, 46 senior engineers and 140 personnel with intermediate title or above. It has more than 40 independent intellectual property rights and more than 10 high-tech products.
  • Technological Innovation Advantages;
  • High-Tech Enterprise;
  • Provincial Enterprise Technology Center;
  • Postgraduate Innovation Training Base;
  • 50 Years of Industry Experience;
  • Academician Workstation;
  • Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center;
Design Capacity
        The company has the first-class application ability of design software in the industry. The main design software used includes: AutoCAD, Solidworks, EPLAN, etc.; the main design analysis and calculation software includes: ANSYS, SimulationX, etc. Combined with the application of the above software, the company carries out virtual prototype modeling and digital simulation research on the key common technologies and core issues of cranes, including dynamic analysis, statics analysis, system simulation analysis, mechatronics-hydraulic analysis, etc. At the same time, we promote the application of CAPP Technology System.
        The Product Service Cloud Platform is committed to collecting real-time data, equipment status, faults, alarms and other information during the operation of the equipment, and uploading them to the local monitoring center synchronously. It uses key technologies such as multi-bus and multi-state data collection, wireless communication, embedded, state maintenance, GPS, dynamic web pages and big data storage, data analysis, cloud computing and other key technologies to carry out real-time collection, monitoring, storage of lifting equipment. Also, with the help of the advantages of information automation such as professional performance index analysis, it provides massive data or services for the design (test / analysis), production, maintenance, sales, customer and other role personnel, then realizes equipment performance optimization through data mining, and finally achieves the goal of value-added enterprise services.
        The Technology Center designs a collaborative platform for R&D of simulation products, which takes modularity as the design basis and parameterization as the means of module variant. Combined with the actual needs of the enterprise, it conducts modular analysis and processing, as well as parametric modeling to form a standardized and reusable resource base for the enterprise, to establish a collaborative platform for product design with PLM as the core, and to realize configuration design and variant design, so as to realize the rapid design, improve the ability of technological innovation & product innovation, and promote the modularization & standardization of single small batch and customized production enterprises design.
        The company started early in information construction. It has established communication systems such as local area network instant messaging software and e-mail system, achieved data sharing and resource transfer of product information as well as enterprise resources, and made full use of local area network for product quotation, design drawings and documents. At the same time, it has successively run OA Cooperative Office System, ERP System, Product Design Data System, CAPP Technology Management System, which has improved the company's R & D and management level.
Enterprise Laboratory
        The automatic control laboratory is equipped with international famous brand PLC system, variable frequency drive system, all kinds of sensor measuring instruments and other hardware platforms, which can carry out all kinds of automatic control experiments and training, as well as the experimental R&D of high-precision application requirements such as automatic positioning, material identification, anti-swing, and automatic correction.
        After years of construction, according to the needs of welding development and personnel training, a comprehensive welding laboratory with multiple welding systems has been established, which can carry out welding operation training, various application experiments of welding robots, submerged arc automatic welding experiment, welding metallographic experiment, mechanical properties experiment, NDT experiment, etc.
        The whole machine test bench mainly conducts the no-load and load test of various cranes, including function tests, prototype tests and stability tests for special applications.

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