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About Us
About Us

Company Profile

         Zhuzhou Tianqiao Crane Co., Ltd. was established on November 26, 1999. The earliest history of the company can be traced back to the Zhuzhou Lifting Equipment Factory established in 1956. In August 2007, the company was changed into a joint stock limited company as a whole; in December 2010, the company's initial public offering of a shares was successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: SZ002523), which is the first public listed company in Zhuzhou City after shareholding reform, the first domestic listed company specializing in high-level heavy industry equipment supplier, and the biggest domestic manufacturers of special lifting equipment for electrolytic aluminum. The company has total assets of 3.6 billion Yuan, a registered capital of 1.4 billion Yuan and more than 1600 employees.

Corporate Culture


TQCC Cultural Symbol

Square Zun with Four Goats is the wine vessel of ancient Hunan people and TQCC uses it to welcome guests.

Goats kneel on their knees because of their gratitude and can’t be shaken because of their strong horns, which is just like the aspiration of TQCC. The ancients said that "Harmonious pentatonic scale will make jade goat appear." The prosperity of the country, the glory of the nation, and the prosperity of TQCC are all auspicious.


Company Philosophy

TQCC Purpose:Serving the Harmonious Development of the Society and the National Economy,Contributing to the Stable Improvement of Customer and Enterprise Value ,Based on the Continuous Realization of the Interests of Employees and Shareholders

TQCC Vision:Advanced Manufacturing, Professional Model

TQCC Spirit: Integrity, Dedication, Self-improvement, Excellence

TQCC Core Values:God helps those who help themselves.

R&D Capability

The company has a product design R & D team with rich experience and well-versed in technology. There are more than 300 engineering and technical personnel at the headquarters, including 5 professor-level senior engineers, 46 senior engineers and 140 personnel with intermediate title or above. It has more than 40 independent intellectual property rights and more than 10 high-tech products.

Innovation Team and Platform

The company has a product design R & D team with rich experience and well-versed in technology

Design Capacity

The company has the first-class application ability of design software in the industry.

Enterprise Laboratory

The automatic control laboratory is equipped with international famous brand PLC system

Social Responsibility

God helps those who help themselves and we forge ahead. TQCC has cultivated the social responsibility concept of "Taking Responsibility” for decades. It regards the performance of social responsibility as an important measure to enhance the brand reputation and competitiveness……Detailed+


Continuous Improvement, Guided by the Development Strategy of "One Body with Two Wings",

Focus on High-end Intelligent Equipment System Solutions


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